Security Systems

Security systems with control panels (also Burglar Alarm) with the following protective devices available.

24 zone wireless full-features control (Simon 3) or the newer Simon XT with additional zone capacity

96 zone wireless/hardwired control (Concord 4)

Or check out the 2GIG security system with 48 wireless zones

Door/window sensors

Motion sensors

Wireless or hardwired glass break detectors
Area - cover all glass for breakage up to 25 feet
Individual window glass break detectors

Smoke Detectors, hardwired or wireless. Provide for automatic dispatch of the fire department even when you are not present in the home. Activated 3 ways:
Upon detection of smoke
If the temperature of the room rises 15 degrees in one minute or
If the temperature of the air surrounding the smoke detector reaches 135 degrees

Outdoor motion sensors - let you know something is approaching the building

Freeze sensors - sends a signal to the control station letting us know that the heating system has failed so we can notify someone on your contact list.

Water sensors - sends a signal when there is the presence of water in the room

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Gas detectors

Medical Emergency Personal Pendants - carry on person, press button for dispatch of para-medic

ALSO AVAILABLE: Security lighting, Camera systems, Driveway annunciators, Outdoor sirens